Wool Suit

Wool Suit

About 1830

Style: A suit with matching coat and trousers appears to have been much more common in the United States than in Europe. This one dates to about 1830, but continues trends of the 1820s. The trousers still have the front fall (front panel buttoning on three sides); center front button openings would become increasingly fashionable within the next decade.

The front fall lingered for quite a while into the 1860s, but as a very conservative option, particularly seen in rural clothing such as overalls

Fabric: This high-quality wool broadcloth was undoubtedly imported from England, whose wool industry had been second to none for centuries.

Wool suit, 1820s, American, 2016.2, Friends of the Museum Purchase; wool waistcoat, 1820s, private collection; “beaver” (plush silk) hat with pasteboard and glazed muslin lining, 1820s, 2013.37.3, Friends of the Museum Purchase.